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The Story of BarbaraAnne Company | A beatiful black sequin apron | BarbaraAnne

About Us

Barbara & Anne...Company FoundersHi, we’re Barb and Anne, best friends and creators of the BarbaraAnne Sequin Apron. We’ve paired shimmery black sequins with a classic apron silhouette and created a sophisticated and fun entertaining accessory that can be thrown on at the last minute to transform the “cook” into “glamorous hostess.”

Entertaining, for us, is about the details.

We both love to have people to our homes and when we do, we’re all about the food, the atmosphere the table top accessories – all the details – right down to the apron we wear.

We’ve discovered that women who love to entertain are kindred spirits. So, we’re not surprised you found us! We’re guessing you would love to surprise your next guests by welcoming them in a BarbaraAnne Black Sequin Apron!

Go on, try it on in your mind…you look fabulous!

It has been said that entertaining is an art. For us entertaining is about the people. We thrive on having our guests leave our homes feeling treasured. Great art changes people. So maybe in that way we create little masterpieces in our homes.