About Us

Barbara & Anne...Company Founders
Two best friends…Barbara and Anne. 
Well, first things first. Barb’s name is actually Laura. Years ago Laura was telling Anne that several people had told her she has a Barbra Streisand-esque nose. Anne assured her that it was not, but the name Barbara stuck. So, Barbara it is, Barbara it will forever be.

We’ve been family friends for years. Our kids have grown up together.

We love being girls… and best friends.

We want to encourage people to celebrate themselves and others! So we’ve developed an apron that we think will help people do that, something that will make the person wearing the apron feel special and will make her guests feel celebrated.

Entertaining, for us, is about the people.

We both love to have people to our home. We both love a good party. We want our guests to leave our home feeling better than when they came.

An important part of that is setting the tone. It’s attention to the atmosphere, the food – all the details – right down to the apron we wear!

Our Purpose

Our goal is to help populate the world with more celebrations. We hope our apron will aid in that endeavor.

It has been said that entertaining is an art. For us entertaining is about the people. We thrive on having our guests leave our homes feeling treasured. Great art changes people. So maybe in that way we create little masterpieces in our homes.